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Below is a list of recruiting showcases & prospect days.
Continue to check back as more showcases will continure to be added.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out
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Being a good lacrosse player is only a small part of the recruiting process. There are several steps to being noticed.  Here are a few, along with some tips that will help you along the journey:
1  The easiest is way to get noticed is to be the best player on the field.  Of course, there is only one of those on two teams of 25 players. So you have a 1 in 50 chance of making that happen. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive to become the best player that you can be.  We think that you’ve already made a great decision in picking a competitive club lacrosse team that will aid in your player development.  Now you need to make the best of your game time and try to make plays that are within your skill set every opportunity you get.
2  GRADES GRADES GRADES.  If you’re not the best player on the field, you will need to have great grades.  Any coach can watch film or go to an event and notice that you are beast on the field, but you need to back it up and be a beast in the classroom as well.  All players should have an up to date transcript with board exam scores on it as well.
3  Have great film.  Anyone interested in playing college lacrosse should have film of them starting as a high school player.  These highlight films can be done at home or by video service.  Most reputable events with recruiting will be aligned with a video company where players can sign up for a highlight package or buy whole game films and use a video editor available on most computers to splice them together.  If a player is a goalie, don’t just show saves, show some outlets and ball handling.  If a player is a FOGO, don’t just show face-off wins, show some GB’s or assists.  Don’t look one dimensional.
4  Pick summer camps and Prospect Days at schools that you have a realistic shot at going to.  Prospect Days are first and foremost ways for college coaches to raise money to pay underpaid staff.  Any staff can get player directories at recruiting events, load them into their database and blast invites out to Prospect Days. Don’t get sucked in and go to more than 3-5.  If you have a 70 average, don’t go to ones at Patriot or Ivy League schools.
5  Get onto NCAA team webpages and fill out the player questionnaire. Get onto coaches’ radars every way imaginable.
6  Don’t get discouraged if coaches don’t call.  You can call coaches all day long, but Div 1 coaches can’t call or email you until after July 1st of your junior year of high school.  Your best bet is to use your club coach as a go-between.  But don’t use your club coach to “cold call” coaches on your behalf.  Although advocating on your behalf is part of the job, keep it realistic.
7  Team 91 will provide on its website a list of Prospect Days for all players to choose from.
Showcases & Events
Team 91 recommends the following events:
1  Every Team 91 HS player from Maryland, Long Island and Tristate will receive a spot at the Run With The Best Showcase at Stony Brook University on June 3, 2017 as part of their annual tuition.
2  As a member of the National Lacrosse Federation, Team 91 is able to secure a certain number of positions to nationally recognized NLF Futures events at IMG Academy in Florida, Super Series in Massachusetts and National Championship in New York.
3  A handful of the best players in Team 91’s programs will be recommended to Maverik Showtime in Connecticut.
4  Team 91 recommends that players register for 3d/Blue Chip camp in Florida each January to have a chance to play their way into the Nike/Blue Chip camp over the summer.  
*Please keep in mind that to be considered for some of these events, you must be the best of the best, not only on your team, but in the Team 91 program
Realism, Rumors & Half Truths
•   Have a list of 10 schools you want to go to.
•      3 Reach Schools, athletically or academically
•      5-6 Target Schools, that are realistic fits
•      2-3 Safety Schools, places you would be happy if the others fell through.
•   When you’re deciding on a college, imagine yourself without lacrosse in your life.  Would you be happy? If the answer is no, this is probably not a great choice for you.  Pick a school where you can imagine yourself as a non-athlete.
•   Full Scholarships…They do not exist. Take a look at the chart below highlighting the number of scholarships allowed for each team at scholarship level (Divs I & II). 
*Courtesy of US Lacrosse
Bottom line is, every single player, regardless of ability or grades can find a home to play in college.  Not every player will be a D1 athlete. Be realistic and pick a great spot that FITS YOU!






February 2017

4    Fairfield Univ Prospect day, Fairfield, CT

5    St Josephs prospect day,​ Philadelphia, PA

20  Messiah JR prospect day, Mechanicsburg, PA

26  Lynn University ID day, Boca Raton, FL

March 2017

3-5 North American mens showcase, Westfield, IN

June 2017

4       D3 Midwest Showcase, Delaware, OH

4       GFW Elite 60 Showcase, Morris Plains, NJ

4       Prep School showcase, Greenwich, CT

4       St Josephs prospect day,​ Philadelphia, PA

9       Adrenaline Black Card prospect, Dover DE

10     Great Upstate Showcase, Geneva, NY

11     Late Bloomer Showcase, Stony Brook, NY

13-15  Southern Select Showcase, Gaffney, SA

16     San Diego Regional prospect day, Del Mar, CA

17     Capital Challenge showcase, Albany, NY

19-20 BLRS committed showcase,​ Philadelphia, PA

20-22 STX Rising DIII showcase, Salisbury, CT

22     Colgate Univ prospect day, Hamilton, NY

23     Shore Points Classic Showcase, Long Branch, NJ

23     Univ of Massachusetts, Hadley, MA

23-29  Jake Reed Nike Blue chip, Millersville, MD

25    Little Rhody Summer 100 prospect, Bristol, RI

26-28  FLG Legit showcase, Brookville, NY

27     Adrenaline Summer Invitation showcase, Downingtown, PA

27-29 Blue Chip 225, Amherst, MA

28     National 175 Best of Best showcase, Uniondale, NY

29     Roanoke prospect day, Roanoke, VA

July 2017

9          Liberty Bell Showcase, Plymouth Meeting, PA

9-11    Good to Great Showcase, Amherst, MA

9-11   NE Top 150 showcase, Portsmouth, RI

10       Island Uprising showcase, Stony Brook NY

11       Adrenaline Viking Showcase, North Ridge, OH

11       Late Bloomer Showcase, Stony Brook, NY

12-13  STX Rising D1 Showcase, Milford, DE

12-14   NE Top 150 showcase, Portsmouth, RI

14       Adrenaline Western showcase, Aurora, CA

17       Adrenaline Syracuse Showcase, Syracuse, NY

17-18  LaxScholor showcase BOYS and GIRLS, Long Island, NY

17-18  Warrior National Prospect invite, Richmond, VA

19-20  Swarthmore Prospect camp, Media, PA

19-27  Brown Prospect camp, Providence, RI

21       East Coast Summer Showcase, Poolesville, MD

25-27  Elite 100 Prospect camp (2021), Beverly, MA

25-26  Furman Univ prospect day, Greenville, SC

28-30  Elite 100 Prospect Camp, Beverly, MA

29       Fab Frosh showcase, Middletown, CT

29-30  Maryland showcase, Columbia, MD

30       Super Sophs showcase, Middletown, CT


November 2017

18  East Coast Fall showcase, Bethesda, MD

18  Open Tournament showcase, Farmingdale, NY