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Below is a list of recruiting showcases and prospect days. Continue to check back as more showcases will continue to be added. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out 631.423.4170 or
Sept 30 Farmingdale College Prospect Day, Farmingdale, NY

Nov 18 NLF Fall Showcase (Invitation Only), Farmingdale, NY

Nov 18  Open Tournament Showcase, Farmingdale, NY


September 2017

2    Earlam College prospect day, Richmond, IN

3    Colgate prospect day​, Hamilton, NY

9    Bridewater prospect camp, Bridgewater, VA

10  Advanced Play prospect girls, Simsbury, CT

10  Boston Univ prospect day, Boston, MA

10  Loyola Univ prospect day, Baltimore, MD

10  Univ of Virginia prospect day, Charlottesville, VA

16  Cornell mens prospect 1, Ithica, NY

17  Colgate prospect day​, Hamilton, NY

17  Gettysburg womens prospect day, Gettysburg, PA

17  VMI prospect day, Lexington, VA

23  Univ of Vermont prospect day, Burlington, VT

23-24  Franklin and Marshal prospect weekend, Lancaster, PA

24  3d Prep showcase, Wallingford, CT

24  Binghampton Univ prospect day, Binghampton, NY

24  Colgate prospect day​, Hamilton, NY

24  Cornell Womens clinic, Ithica, NY

24  Hobart College prospect day, St Geneva, NY

24  Lehigh Univ prospect day, Bethlehem, PA

24  Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT

24  Rochester Inst of Tech prospect day, Rochester, NY

24  Univ of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

30  Florida Southern prospect day, Lakeland, FL

30 Farmingdale College Prospect Day, Farmingdale, NY

30-10/1 Richmond Univ prospect day, Richmond, VA

October 2017

1    3d Prep showcase, Brookline, MA

1    Cleveland State Univ prospect day, Cleveland, OH

1    Gettysburg College prospect day, Gettysburg, PA

1    Harvard Univ prospect day, Allston, MA

1    Manhattan Univ prospect day, Bronx, NY

1    Univ of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA

1    Ohio State prospect day, Columbus, OH

1    Salisbury prospect day, Salisbury, MD

1    St Josephs Univ prospect day, Philadelphia, PA

1    Tufts Univ prospect day, Medford, MA

1    Wesleyan prospect day, Middletown, CT

2    Gold Standard prospect day, Lutherville, MD

7    Augustana College, Rock Island, IL

7    Belmont Abbey prospect day​, Belmont, NC

8    Cornell mens prospect 2, Ithica, NY

8    Hamilton College prospect day, Clinton, NY

8    Middlebury College​, Middlebury, VT

8    Roanoke College prospect day, Roanoke, VA

8    St Josephs of Maine prospect day, Standish, ME

8    Syracuse Univ prospect day, Syracuse, NY

8    Tusculum College prospect day, Greeneville, TN

8    UMBC prospect day, Baltimore, MD

8    Vasser college prospect day, Poughkeepsie, NY

9    Sacred Heart Univ Prospect day​, Fairfield, CT

13  Nor Cal Prospect day, Sunnyvale, CA

14-15  C2C spotlight camp, Dallas, TX

15  3d Prep showcase, Alexandria, VA

15  Colgate prospect day​, Hamilton, NY

15  Rutgers Univ prospect day, New Brunswick, NJ

20-22 Service Academy prospect day, Coronado, CA

21  Chatham Univ prospect day, Pittsburgh, PA

21  Embry-Riddle prospect day, Daytona Beach, FL

21  Lindenwood Univ prospect day, St Charles, MO

21-22   Fall Roundup showcase womens, Westchester, PA

21-22   Richmond Univ prospect day​, Richmond, VA

22  Boston Univ prospect day,​ Boston, MA

22  D3 girls Fall showcase, Randolf, NJ

22  Lehigh Univ prospect day​, Bethlehem, PA

22  Providence College prospect day, Providence, RI

22  Stevenson prospect day, Stevenson, MD

22  STX Rising D3 Fall showcase, Dedham, MA

22  Towson Univ Prospect day, Towson, MD

27  Seattle regional prospect day, Tukwila, WA

27-29 Atlantic Cost prospect games, Bradenton, FL

28  NXT Southern Showcase, Cartersville, GA

28  Rollins College prospect day, Winter Park, FL

28  Victory showcase, North East, MD

29  Brandywine Showcase, North East, MD

29  D3 Midwest Showcase, Delaware, OH

29  Monmouth Univ prospect day, West Long Branch, NJ

29  STX Rising D3 Fall showcase​, St Georges, VA

29  Univ of Penn, Philadelphia, PA

29  Williams College prospect day, Williamstown, MA

November 2017

TBD  Nike Blue chip prospect, Annapolis, MD

4    Fall Invitational Showcase, Federica, DE

4    NXT girls philly showcase, Downingtown, PA

4    The Watch showcase womens, Westchester, PA

4-5  Towson Univ Prospect day,​ Towson, MD

5    LI Elite 80 girl prospect day, Hicksville, NY

11  NXT Can-Am showcase, Beverly Hills, MI

11  Huntingdon showcase, Montgomery, AL

11  High Rollers - So Cal prospect day, Del Mar, CA

11  Yale Univ prospect day, New Haven, CT

11-12  High Rollers SOCAL, prospect, Del Mar, CA

11-12  Mid Atlantic girls showcase, Owings Mills, MD

11-12  Towson Univ Prospect day,​ Towson, MD

18  East Coast Fall showcase, Bethesda, MD

18  Midwest Elite top 80 prospect, Westfield, IN

18  NXT Philly Freshman showcase, Downington, PA

18  NXT Philly showcase​, Downington, PA

18  Open Tournament showcase, Farmingdale, NY

18-19  Midwest Elite Top 80 showcase, Westfield, IN

18-19  Nike Blue Chip showcase, Annapolis, MD

18-19  Warrior Diamond fall showcase, Baltimore, MD

19   Stevenson prospect day, Stevenson, MD

19   Wesleyan prospect day 2, Middletown, CT

December 2017

1   Las Vegas Regional prospect day, Henderson, NV

2   Lehigh Univ prospect day​, Bethlehem, PA

3   Sacred Heart Univ Prospect day​, Fairfield, CT

3   Salisbury prospect day, Salisbury, MD

3   Greensboro Showcase, Greensboro, NC

3   Univ of Virginia prospect day, Charlottesville, VA

14 Embry-Riddle Prospect day, Daytona Beach, FL

15-17  New England Prospect games, TBD

January 2018

5  Adrenaline Winter Showcase, San Diego, CA

5  IL Winter showcase, Del Mar, CA

14  Florida Southern prospect day, Lakeland, FL

15  D3 Winter showcase, Randolf, NJ

February 2018

17  Florida Southern prospect day, Lakeland, FL

June 2018

8     Adrenaline Black Card showcase, Frederica, DE

10   D3 Summer showcase, Middletown, CT

14   NXT Baltimore summer showcase​, Towson, MD

14    Williams College prospect day​, Williamstown, MA

16    San Diego Regional Prospect day, Del Mar, CA

20    Adrenaline All American showcase, Frisco, TX

25-27  Elite 180 showcase girls, Northfield, MA

25-27  Showtime showcase 2020-21, Danbury, CT

27       Adrenaline Summer invitational, Downingtown, PA

27-29  Elite 180 showcase boys, Northfield, MA

27-29  Showtime showcase 2022, Danbury, CT

July 2018

11-12 High Rollers midwest showcase, North Ridgeville, OH

13  NXT Philli summer showcase​, Downington, PA

13  Western Showcase, Aurora, CO

20  Mad Lax East Coast Showcase, Poolesville, MD

20  NXT Philli Girls summer showcase​, Downington, PA

24-26  G3 Prospect Goalie academy east, Avon, CT

25-26 High Rollers NW showcase, Seattle, WA

27-29  Elite 100 (2019-21) prospect camp, Beverly, MA

August 2018

2-4  G3 Prospect Goalie academy east, Avon, CT