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12/18/2018 11:33 AM -

Player Name: Bennett Smith

91 Team & Grad Year: 91 Tristate 2019

High School/ Town Team: Monroe-Woodbury High School

GPA: 3.3

College Commitment: SUNY Polytechnic Institute 

Athletic Awards: Section 9 champions 

Other schools considered: Post University

Most Influential Coach and Why: Coach Kear how tough most of the skill I know and help refined the ones I already had

Why you choice to commit to that college:  I offered my major and was a good fit for lacrosse 

Why do you play lacrosse: For the fun and the competitive aspects of the game

What are your pregame rituals: Listen to music 

What motivates you: The desire to be the best I can be in everything I do 

What has the game taught you: Teamwork, leadership, and perseverance

Whats you favorite pump-up song: Dreams and Nightmares by Meek Mill

Whats your go-to post game meal: Steak

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