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Featured Player of the Month

03/17/2017 12:03 AM -

Player Information

Player Name: Jeffrey Garrity

Team & Grad Year: 2021 Select

High School/ Town Team: Newtown

What's your favorite...

1. Professional Athlete and Why: Jim Brown because he is the greatest lax and pro football player

2. Sports Team: NY Jets

3. Food: Annie's White Cheddar Mac and Cheese

4. College Lacrosse Team: University of Virginia

5. Movie: Happy Gilmore

6. Class in School: Language Arts

7. Hobby: Skiing

8. Lacrosse Stick: Maverick Optic and Warrior Diamond Krypto Pro

9. Summer lax tournament: UMass Tournament

10. TV Show: Ridiculousness

11. Social Media Site: Instagram

12. Color: Navy Blue

13. BookHoot

14. Artist: Quinn XCLL

15. Animal: Cheetah 

16. Song: Final Song 

17. Restaurant: Five Guys

18. Vacation Spot: Florida

19. Famous Person (alive or dead): Darrell Revis

20. iPhone or Android: iPhone 

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