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03/20/2017 2:00 PM -

Player Name: Layton Harrell

91 Team & Grad Year: Team 91 Tristate 2018

High School/ Town Team: Newtown High School

GPA: 3.3

College Commitment: Stony Brook University

Academic Accolades: Honors

Athletic Awards: All conference second team, All star teams

Other schools considered: Hartford, UMass, Fairfield U

Most Influential Coach and Why: Scott Bulkley.  His belief in me

Why you choice to commit to that college: Stony Brook is a perfect fit for me. It's an amazing school and lacrosse program

Why do you play lacrosse: I love it. To have fun.

How has lacrosse influenced your life: It's a major part of my life and future. It has strengthened my dedication and conviction to achieve my goals

What are your pregame rituals: I focus, I envision my plays for the game

What motivates you: Winning, Playing incredible

What has the game taught you: resilience, persistence, hard work and focus

Whats you favorite pump-up song: Eminem, lose yourself

Whats your go-to post game meal: Wendy's 

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