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01/02/2018 12:06 AM -








Featured Coach: 2025 Head Coach Caroline Fraylick

Coaching background:

  • Revolution Lacrosse 2011-2017

Playing background:

  • Revolution Lacrosse

  • Pleasantville High School

  • Binghamton University 2013-2017

How old were you when you started playing lacrosse and what made you pick up a stick?

I started playing lacrosse when I first moved to Pleasantville in second grade. The main reasoning behind why I picked up a stick and joined the local youth team was to make some new friends. I am so thankful that I did start playing the sport because I would not have the friends that I have today. 

What is your favorite lacrosse memory?

My family and I are not only huge football fans, but we are HUGE Ohio State football fans. So looking back at my lacrosse career, my favorite memory would be whenever Binghamton played Ohio State. We got to play Ohio State three years in a row, and all at different locations. One of those places being at Yorktown High School, which was another fun experience as a great amount of friends and family from Pleasantville came out to support. But my all time favorite memory would have to be when we got to play them in the football stadium, "the Shoe."  Having my name called out for the starting line up throughout the entire stadium is a memory that I will never forget. 

Who was your favorite player to watch growing up?

My favorite player to watch growing up would have to be Katrina Dowd. I remember being in middle school and going to a camp called Head, Heart, Hustle where she was a counselor. I went to that camp for about 3 summers and every time Katrina was my counselor for my age group. I thought it was so cool that I had a player from Northwestern taking her time to coach me and really make sure that I understood the skills she was teaching us. I clearly remember grabbing a bunch of my friends from my camp group and going to Yorktown high school as Northwestern was playing a game there. Right after the game was over, we all ran up to her to have her sign our programs for us (which I actually still have) - she was so happy and thankful that we all came! I was and still am completely in awe with the style of her play. 

What was your first stick?

My first stick ever was a fiddle stick until after my first day of organized practice I graduated to the STX Exult (in pink, of course). 


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