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09/25/2017 12:06 AM -








Featured Coach: 2026/2027 Asst Coach Brielle Furci

Coaching background:

  • YAC Girls Lacrosse

  • Bombers Girls Lacrosse

  • Navajo Girls Lacrosse

Playing background:

  • Revolution Lacrosse

  • Yorktown High School Girls Lacrosse

How old were you when you started playing lacrosse and what made you pick up a stick?

I started messing around in the back yard with a fiddle stick in second grade with my dad. At that time there was no organized team for that age so I joined the local youth team in 3rd grade. My dad was my real motivation to get out there and play every day at the beginning, he loved to play just as much as I came to love the sport and was thrilled to have an excuse to get a stick back in his hands. 

What is your favorite lacrosse memory?

One of my favorite lacrosse memories was last season playing Somers in the Section Final on our home turf. That win was tremendous to us being that Somers-Yorktown is a distinguished local rivalry. The final score of the game was 9-4. Winning a big game like that to a big team like Somers on our home field was one of the most amazing experiences to share with my team.

Who was your favorite player to watch growing up?

My all time favorite player is Katrina Dowd. As a Yorktown graduate, she always came back to her roots. I can remember being in middle school attending a clinic of hers just after she won the World Cup with Team USA and just being so star-struck to be meeting her in real life (I still have a picture of us together hanging in my room). I watched Katrina’s games at Northwestern University and with Team USA and was mesmerized by her style of play. I even watched her youtube channel to learn some of the stick tricks that earned her the nickname “Trix.” 

What was your first stick?

My first stick ever was a fiddle stick until after my first day of organized practice I graduated to the STX Exult (in pink, of course). 

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