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09/25/2017 12:06 AM -







Featured Coach: 2020 Head Coach Liz Rjedkin

Coaching background:

I first started coaching on the side for fun back in high school for the Howell Recreational team in my hometown. I took a few years break as I went to college and then was an assistant coach for GYL (Greenwich Youth Lacrosse) for the 2023 team. T coached summer travel league with 3D lacrosse for 2023 team as well and am now head coach for 91-tristate 2020 team. I still coach GYL, which will begin in the spring. 

Playing background:

I played from Colts neck high school for all 4 years of high school making varsity my senior year. I played for Tri-State elite lacrosse team in New Jersey for the summer of my junior year of high school. It was at those tournaments with Tristate that I was recruited to play for Mercy College in Dobbs ferry NY, Division II. I started all four years and made sisters for a lifetime. 

How old were you when you started playing lacrosse and what made you pick up a stick?

The first time I started playing lacrosse was a freshman in high school. It is actually a funny story. I was signing up for track and field as a freshman when my friend told me to sign up for lacrosse, a sport I had never heard of in my life. When I asked her what it was she replied, “oh it’s a super fun sport with a stick and a net at the end of the stick and you have to catch and throw and cradle a hard rubber ball.” I laughed in her face and said no way will I ever be able to play that let alone make the team. She told me that all freshman make the team that they do not shy anyone away and to try something new. The rest is history. 

What is your favorite lacrosse memory?

My favorite lacrosse memory was getting the acceptance letter that I made the tristate travel lacrosse team. I went to the tryouts not thinking I would not even be close to good enough to make the team. There were so many girls and so much better than me. I tried my hardest and when I got home my mom asked how it went. I replied “well I gave it my all I guess I just have to wait and see.” That response was odd for me because I’m usually freaking out all nervous and such. I then got the letter and I still can’t believe I made it to this day. 

Who was your favorite player to watch growing up?

I can’t say that i ever had a favorite player to watch growing up but I was and still am a huge fan of the Syracuse men’s lacrosse team. They are a team that is so fun to watch and they teamwork is amazing. You can really tell that they are a family of brother hood on and off the field. 

What was your first stick?

My first stick was a blue brine head and a yellow brine shaft. My dad and I were so new to the game that we cut my shaft too short and all my teammates called it the mini stick, it was very embarrassing but on the plus side, no one could check me, otherwise they were checking in my sphere. That stick has long been retired. 


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