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Winter Director's Training

2017/2018 Winter Director's Training

  • Team 91 Winter Director's Training will take place for all attack, midfielders, defenseman and goalies from grades 3-11.
  • Every player will have the chance to enhance their talents under the guidance and supervision of Team 91 Director Mike Bocklet
  • Team 91 Directors and coaches will be present at every training session to both strengthen and reinforce these skills and techniques. 
  • These will be offered extra to all Team 91 Tristate members on top of team practices focusing on positional techniques to ensure individual skill and player development!

Location: Mount Vernon Underdome

Dates and Times: Saturdays- December 2, 9 - 3-5pm (one hour time slot) 

                                                         January 6, 27 - 5-7pm (one hour time slot)

                                                         February 3, 10 - 8-10am (one hour time slot)

                                                         March 3, 10 - 8-10am (one hour time slot)

                                                        *Grades 8th-HS first hour, Grades 3rd-7th second hour (see team page for specific times)